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Special Issue

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on Silver Jublee Year

Of Sindhi Association of Hong Kong & China

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The Sindhi Association of Hong Kong and China was established in 1993 by a group of like-minded people with the idea of making the Sindhi community in Hong Kong aware of Sindhi language, Culture, Art, Litrature and Music. From 1993 till 2000 it was known as "SINDHI SAJAN" and in 2001 it was registered as The Sindhi Association of Hong Kong & China.


The Association has been involved in annually celebrating Chetti Chand (Sindhi New Year) since 1993 in grand way by bringing Sindhi artists from various parts of India to perform traditional Sindhi Music and Dance (Bhagat).


The Association has shown Sindhi Movies in Hong Kong and also sponsored a Sindhi Film Festival on Zee TV, Asia Pacific Channel.


The Association is sponsoring the publication of Sindhi Books, Magazines, Litrature, Music and Welfare of Sindhi Artists in India.


We have honoured many of great Sindhi Artists recognizing their contribution to Sindhi Language, Art Culture and Music.


Since 2014 we have started giving a "Life Time Achievement Award" to local dignitaries. Starting with Dr. The Hon. Hari N. Harilela GBM GBS OBE JP, in year 2015 to Mr. K. Sital  BBS JP, in 2016 to Bob N. Harilela,  2017 - Tolaram Babani and in 2018 - Gary Harilela J.P..


Every two years we publish the "Directory of Sindhis in Hong Kong".

Complete Video of the Program

               New Update Memorable

Photos of Dinner with Cruise Delegets of Inter National Sindhi Sammelan 2017

Invited by our Association on June 25, 2017

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