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Special Issue

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Of Sindhi Association of Hong Kong & China

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Notan Tolani
Mr Notan Hassanand Tolani
Date of birth               :           July 9, 1946
Place of birth               :           Karachi, Pakistan
Nationality                  :           British
Marital Status              :           Married
                                                Two children – daughter & son (both married)


Moved to Hong Kong in 1968
1969 – 1977                KayBee International as Sales Manager
1977 to present           Founder and Managing Director and Chairman of
                                    Solar Group of Companies
·         Solar Time Ltd
Watch design, manufacturing and distribution
·         Solar Exports Ltd
Sourcing, buying office and trading house
·         Solar Traders Ltd
Volume watch manufacturer and distributor
·         Associated companies established in UK, Italy, India and China
Mr Tolani has devoted much of his time to furthering community relations within Hong Kong with a particular focus on developing cultural and social activities and fostering closer cultural links between the Hong Kong community, India and overseas destinations.

Community of Social Organizations

  • Trustee and  President of the Hindu Temple Kowloon
  • Co-founder and President of Sindhi Association of Hong Kong and China
  • Honorary Advisor to “Bharat Ratna International” monthly magazine published from Hong Kong
  • Honorary Adviser to Overseas Indian Organisation
  • Elected to Council of Hong Kong Indian Associations (overseeing body of Indian Associations in Hong Kong) in 1996 – present
  • Rotarian and Chartered Member of Rotary Club Kowloon Golden Mile (1987 – present)
  • Member of Royal Commonwealth Society   
  • Past President of India Club
  • Past President to India Association
  • Past President of Young Executives Group (Advisor)
  • Patron:  Akhil Bhaat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha (India)
  • Global co-ordinator : Forum for Social and Political Rights of Sindhis (India)
  • Global co-ordinator : Bharatiya Sindhis Global Alliance (India)

Contribution in Sindhi Literature and Activities

  • Written several short stories and poems in several Sindhi magazines from 1963 to 1968
  • Published four short stories books with a co-author and friend – Ratan Dilber
  • Keen in promoting Indian and specially Sindhi culture in Hong Kong, by inviting and organizing cultural programme in Hong Kong
  • Encouraging and promoting Sindhi artists and culture, and printing Sindhi literature, books and audio, video CD, etc by offering cash and other awards in India